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Casa Grande Residence of Kota Kasablanka

It's Cozy and Luxurious!

Developed by PT Elite Prima Hutama, member of the PAKUWON GROUPKota Kasablanka superblock will comprise mixed use facilities in a land of 90,500 square meters in South Jakarta. There will be Kota Kasablanka Shopping Mall, culinary and entertainment center, five-star hotel, rental office tower: Eighty 8 @Kasablanka, as well as the premium luxurious apartment:CASA GRANDE RESIDENCE. 

“Since August 2009, we have been able to sell 15 to 24 units of apartment (Casa Grande) per month”, said Paulus Hasto BJ, the Promotion Manager.

For the first phase, there are two out of four towers erected, consisting of 400 units: MIRAGE and AVALON TOWER. Each has 36 floors with loft-type and penthouse unit sizing 43 to 250 square meters. There are two, three or four bedroom-units available. The construction of both towers will be completed and handed over in mid 2010.

                     Casa Grande Apartment of Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta

AVALON TOWER has direct access to Mal Kota Kasablankavia Mosaic Walk; also it has private lobby and private lift that can only deliver residents to the floor where they live. If they need to go to other floor, then they have to ask the security guard for the access card. The CCTV camera can be accessed by the residents anywhere through the telecommunication network such as notebook or cellular phone.

CASA GRANDE RESIDENCE APARTMENT features modern Victorian classic style interior. The dominant colors of white, yellow gold, brown, and metal-look emphasize the glamorous and cozy atmosphere. Harmony of colors and lightings bring the coziness, set by the furniture and interior accessories.

Interior of Casa Grande Apartment, Jakarta - Bedroom (photo from Tempointeraktif.com)

Interior of Casa Grande Apartment, Jakarta - Dining Room (photo from Kompas.com)

 Interior of Casa Grande Apartment, Jakarta - Bathroom (photo from Kompas.com)

The facilities in CASA GRANDE RESIDENCE include swimming pool (exercise pool, Jacuzzi, and children’s pool), fitness center, spa, sauna, beautiful park with jogging track, gazebo, and private garden. MOSAIC WALK that connects Casa Grande Apartment with ‘Mal Kota Kasablanka’ shopping mall is claimed a unique strong point compared to other superblocks in golden triangle of Jakarta (Mega Kuningan, Rasuna EpicentrumKuningan City andCiputra World). Connected to open-air pedestrian area, it features restaurants, cafĂ©, lounges, and entertainment facilities with the theme of Middle East and Morocco.

 Mal Kota Kasablanca, the shopping mall in Kota Kasablanka Superblock, Jakarta

Apartment units in Casa Grande Residence price ID Rp 700 millions to 4 billions (US $73,680 – 421,000). The developer offers payment installment of 36 times with no interest. Or else, there are also KPA (Kredit Pemilikan Apartemen) / mortgage scheme with flat interest of 5% p.a. for the first year.

“As mortgage interest is declining, more than 80% of the buyers pay upon that scheme”, Paulus Hasto BJ explained. “It is hoped the sales will continuously incline in 2010. Moreover, Casa Grande is located in strategic places – in the eastern side of Jalan Satrio, which makes it close to the residential area, central business district of Sudirman, Thamrin and Kuningan, as well as commercial area of Tebet, Salemba, Jatinegara and Kelapa Gading. The great location generates high lease fee for the apartment”, he added.

 has main access, Jalan Casablanca which is not a 3-in-1 zone. There will be also a monorail transportation network in the area; and also more access to every part of the city. All are to fulfill the urban’s need and life style to get ‘back to the city’.

Mal Kota Kasablanka has been occupied 70%. The parking area is able to serve 6,000 cars. The 32-story-office building, EIGHTY8 @KASABLANKA will be offered in strata title (full ownership license).

Eighty8 @Kota Kasablanka Office Tower

Source: TEMPO Newspaper, 13 February 2010 

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    Additional Info: Access to Sudirman, Kuningan, Mega Kuningan, Tebet. Fly-over to Sudirman, Tanah Abang. Free 3 in 1 Zone, nearby Superblock Hotel, Embassies, office tower, Ciputra World, Kuningan City, ITC Ambassador, etc.

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